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... is a third class space engineer for the Twerpan Defense Forces.

He is an alien species called a Dododendron. They are a species of intelligent plants created and grown by the Twerpan military for use as space engineers and support staff on their various space stations and flying saucers. 


They are known for there large eye stalks and green skin, which is filled with Chlorophyll allowing Dododendrons to not require food or a mouth. Just lots of water and light for food. 

To communicate with their Twerpan creators they wear computerized voice chest armor with a large red light indicator that processes their thoughts and converts them to vocalized words. 

KNUXX a class 4 floor technician assigned to the Twerpan Defense Forces on Space Station Proxima. He belongs to an alien species known as a Twerpan, purple skinned with long antennae shaped ears. 


Knuxx joined the Twerpan military with the hopes of becoming a space pilot, flying Twerpan interceptors through the stars. But due to his short stature and lack of confidence he was re-assigned to floor cleaning duty on the Twerpan Military base Space Station Proxima. 

He spends his days polishing floors and cleaning windows. Trying to fit in while dreaming of flying through space and maybe, possibly, hopefully......make a friend.

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